Start Point: Lumbridge castle, inside the kitchen.
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Bring some items for the chef.
Length: ~5 minutes (If you need the supplies)
Requirements: 100 gp
Items required: If you want to finish the quest right away:
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Flour

You can buy these items from Claus the chef in Catherby. (Mentioned in the guide)

Enemies to defeat: None

Quest guideEdit

To start this quest head over to Lumbridge castle, go inside and talk to the cook.

He will ask you to get him an egg, milk and flour. In order to get these items, you must go to Claus the Chef, who is located in Catherby.

You will need a total of around 100 gp to buy the items.

Now go back to the lumbridge castle and talk to the cook to recieve the following rewards!


  • 50,000 gp
  • 30,000 cooking xp
  • Rolling pin [Can be wielded]
  • Chef's hat [Can be worn]
  • White apron [Can be worn]

Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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