Ferocious Ring
AKA? Fero
Members? No
Quest items? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Credit Price? Varies
Examine text "It's a ferocious ring (#)."
 Ferocious rings are rings that were once dropped by the Avatar of Destruction. Due to the Avatar of Destruction's removal, these rings are no longer obtainable unless you buy them with Soulsplit credits. They are popular because of their ability to heal the wearer every five seconds even though they have no stats. Each ring has a different different amount healed every five seconds; this amount is dictated entirely by the number assigned at the end of the item's name. This number will never change and will always be what you obtain it as.

This item CANNOT be used in the wilderness.

Healing AbilityEdit

Ferocious rings will heal different amounts depending entirely on the number that immediately following the initial name.

 Ferocious ring (x)

To figure out the healing ability of a ferocious ring, you must plug selected numbers into an equation.

$ 2x(y) $

x = the ferocious ring's number 

y = 10 on x10 hits

1 on x1 hits


When you operate a ferocious ring, you are teleported to the docks at Entrana. This is widely regarded as useless because Entrana is in the every spellbook's city teleports.


Ferocious ring healing emote
  • Ferocious rings are not dropped by Nex, even though this is widely regarded as true.
  • Since it's release, it has had a spelling error that appears in your chat box upon every heal. This error says "fericious" instead of "ferocious" and has yet to be corrected.
  • At a period in time, Ferocious rings were disabled for use in Clan Wars and caused the prices to drastically drop. This has been corrected and now the rings cost just as much as they did before then. The Entrana teleport was also introduced in this update.
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