Start Point: Lumbridge Swamp (West)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Your journey will be based on the creation of a certain magic staff.
Length: Short. ~10 minutes
Items required:
  • Axe
  • Knife
Enemies to defeat: Level 110 Tree Spirit.
File:Lost City.png

Here is my Lost City Quest Guide everyone.


  • Ability to wield Dragon Claws and Korasi's Sword.
  • 500,000 gp
  • Dragon Longsword
  • Woodcutting + Crafting xp
  • Access to the city of Zanaris

1. To start this quest, teleport to Draynor via City Teleport and run southeast until you find the Quest icon on your Mini-Map. Talk to the Warrior.

File:1.jpg File:2.jpg

2. Walk west until you find the tree with the "Chop" option instead of the "Chop down" option. Click Chop Tree and a Chat Interface will come up.

File:3.jpg File:4.jpg

3. Go into the Spellbook tab and use the City Teleport. Click More and select Entrana.

4. You will now arrive at Entrana. You are going to follow my path. Make sure to bring an Axe, a Knife, and a Weapon to kill a level 110 Tree Spirit.

File:7.jpg File:8.jpg File:9.jpg File:10.jpg

5. Go down the Ladder and follow this path.

File:11.jpg File:12.jpg

6. Now try to cut the Dramen Tree - the Tree Spirit will appear. Kill the Tree Spirit and then cut the tree again.

7. You will now have a Dramen Branch. Use your knife on the Dramen Branch and you will make a Dramen Staff.

8. Go into the Spellbook tab and select the City Teleport. Teleport to Draynor, go back to the Warrior, talk to him, then follow this path.

File:13.jpg File:14.jpg File:15.jpg File:16.jpg

9. Wield your Dramen Staff and walk through the Door. You will appear in Zanaris and will finish the quest.

10. Congratulations! Quest complete!

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