Monster Information
Attack Style Melee and Magic
Members? No
Combat level 1001
Monster HP 300,000
Always Drops Nothing
Aggressiveness Yes
Slayer Monster? No
Weakness? None
Capture Kills Unknown edit
Capture Level Unknown edit
Examine? It's a Nex.

Nex, The Nex boss is located in the Nex Lair, A player can teleport here using Spellbook Tab>Dungeon Teleports-->More>Nex Lair teleport.

Nex boss killing is recommended for high combat level players, It recommended the player has at least level 37 prayer for Protect from magic as nex can hit fairly high it is also recommended a player has high Hit Points and good food such as Rocktails or Saradomin brews due to Nex being able to hit slightly high even through prayer.

Nex has 1 main attack Blood barrage so while in a team Nex will hit the entire team despite the fact players casting blood barrage only damage a 3x3 area, The Nex can hit you anywhere in the dungeon with her blood barrage, On the occasion Nex switchs to melee attack she presents a safe spot although 1 person may be attacked the rest of your team may stand back and safe spot Nex. The best method of killing Nex is through range. Altough Nex has no weakness, most range armour provides magic defence. When fighting Nex it is not recommended that you try to solo nex unless you have powerful armour and weapons. It's important to use gear with high magic defence due to blood barrage being it's main attack.

Nex item drop list.Edit

Normal drop  Runite barx7
Normal drop

Rune platelegs x1

Normal drop Blood rune x150
Normal drop

Dragon arrow x15

Normal drop Rune kiteshield x1
Normal drop  Red topaz x8
Normal drop dragonstone x4
normal drop amulet of glory(4) x2
Normal drop Rune platebody x1
Normal drop Magic logs x30
Normal drop  Rune essencce x5000
Normal drop  Dragon bolts (e) x30
Normal drop Clean toadflax x30
Normal drop Super restore(4) x25
Normal drop  Saradomin bre(4) x25
Normal drop Super streght(4) x25
Normal drop Super attack(4) x25
Normal drop  Ranging potion(4) x25
Normal drop  Clean snapdragon x30
Normal drop  Coins x50000
Normal drop  coins x75000

Nex drops a rare if the random integer from 0-249 is equal to 1 You can read about more NPC drop's here

Rare drop  Torva full helm x 1 
Rare drop Torva full helm
Rare drop Torva plate legs
Rare drop Pernix cowl x 1
Rare drop Pernix body x 1
Rare drop Pernix chaps x1
Rare drop Virtus mask x1
Rare drop Virtus robe top x1
Rare drop Virtus robe legs x1
Rare drop Zaryte Bow x1
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