Start Point: Lumbridge Castle
Description: You will have to kill a series of bosses in a mini game.
Length: Short. 5-10 minutes depending on stats.
Requirements: A good combat level. You can either use ranged/magic/meele.
Items required:
  • Food
  • Super set
Enemies to defeat: You will have to fight 6 enemies consecutively (highest is level 149)

Recipe for Disaster (also known as RfD)

Recipe for Disaster is one of the quests in Soulsplit that does not have any requirements. However, it is recommended to bring excellent gears and have a high combat level before attempting this quest.


  • Ability to purchase Barrows Gloves (valued at 100,000 Coins) (100k coins)

Starting the QuestEdit

The quest can be started by walking through the Dining Room Door in the Lumbridge Castle.

File:Screen shot 2013-02-28 at PM 06.32.07.png

Once inside the room you've been teleported into, use the Portal located West of the room.

The Culinaromancer's SiblingsEdit

Once you enter the portal, you will have to fight 6 enemies consecutively. The highest being level 149.

It is best to use magic. HOWEVER melee and ranged attacks can be used if you wish.

Note: You CANNOT use Prayer during any fight!




File:Gela Mother.png



Completing the QuestEdit

After you've completed the quest, you will be teleported to your home location with a message.

Now, head back to the starting point of the quest and buy the Barrow Gloves, you will need x100,000 coins to be able to purchase the gloves.

Congratulations! You've completed Recipe for Disaster!


  • The Recipe for Disaster quest can be repeated for an unlimited number of times. This means that you can go back and fight the Culinomancer Siblings again whenever you want.
  • Upon completion, the Recipe for Disaster quest does not register as being completed. Instead of turning green, it remains red under the quest log.
  • There is a glitch in which you can smuggle Prayer into the minigame.
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