Welcome everyone. Today, I will be showing you the various shops and their locations around SoulSplit. Below, you will find out how to get there, what there is, or the purpose of the shop! 

First of all start by teleporting to varrock via your magic book, city teleports, varrock.



Next I will show you the route to shops via the minimap.


  • First shop (black line), Zaff-Sells mage gear and runes, trade for gear, and talk to for quick buying runes(adds to bank)

Trading him.


Talking to him.


  • Second Shop(Red Line[refer to minimap])-Zeke-sells weapons, both trade and talk options open shop.


  • Third shop(Blue line[refer to minimap])-has a banker, amed and a shopkeeper, at amed you can see what pending items you have from ::amp[account managment panel] and log in.

General store(trade or talke to shop keeper), note, the marked items are always in stock.


  • Fourth shop(orange line[refer to minimap]), Lowe-sells ranging supplies, both talking to and trading open the shop.


  • Fifth shop(Purple line[reffer to minimap]), Horvik , miles giles and niles(all 3 open same shop)

Horvik's shop(both talk and trade open it).

File:Talk horvik.png

Miles, giles and niles's shop.(talk to either 3 of them to open)


ALSO , there is the credit points shop . You can go to or you can type ::shop in-game .


Talk to dungeoneering master at north lumbridge ( city teleportslumbridge ) or teleport to yaks ( training teleports  > yaks

File:Dungeoneering shop.jpg


Slayer item's storeEdit

There is also a slayer item store which can be found at any slayer master (Lumbridge, Edgeville Dungeon)

There are two kinds of slayer shop:

-The slayer Point shop where you buy stuffs with slayer points:

Prices (Slayer points):

Slayer helm: 1000 

broad-tiped bolts: 1 each

law/nature staff: 100 

Battle Hood 100: 200

Battle robe bottom: 250

Battle robe top: 300

Magic seed: 20 each

Papaya seed: 20 each

Every other seeds: 1 each

Ring of wealth: 100

-The Normal Slayer shops, which stuff is bought with normal cash:

Prices (Normal Coins):

Bag of salt: 10

Earmuffs: 200

Elemental Shield: 20

Enchanted Gem: 1

Facemask: 200

Ice Cooler: 1

Lit Bug Lantern: 130

Leaf-Bladed Spear: 31000

Mirror Shield: 5000

Nose Peg: 200

Rock Hammer: 500

Insulated boots: 200

Slayer Gloves: 200

Slayer's Staff: 21000

Spiny Helmet: 650

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