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Soulsplit News

1st June

  • After a long wait, Forums are now back online! Mod Pim is working on the unfinished forum at the moment, and we will be able to use it soon! If you want to follow the latest news about the progress of Soulsplit and this new community forum, check out here.

21st May

  • Soulsplit 2 is finally out! The staff team has finally finished making the official new client for Soulsplit private server. Soulsplit has so much improvments that it is now called Soulsplit 2. Download the new client right now here, and log in to play and discover a total new game experience!

2nd March

  • Soulsplit 2006 Beta is Out. We have decided to release the 2006 Soulsplit version for beta. Do you feel like playing that nostalgic game? This is your chance! Log in with any unused username and password and you are able to play instantly.Read more...

22th February

  • The combat system has been updates and a few changes to pking including Ancient mace drains only 50% prayer, spear is only enabled in multi combat zone and tons more, you can read it Here...

29th January

  • Due to a competitor server being hacked Pim has decided to ask SoulSplits users to update their passwords before being able to log back in to the forum. Read more...

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Wiki News

  • The Wiki Team is accepting players who are able to contribute to the SoulSplit Wikia.
  • The Application Format has recently changed. Find out how you could become an official Wiki Editor here.
  • Looking for Wiki Editors with high level of english proficiency who can aid the Wiki Team in with a variety of tasks.

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