12th October 2012 Edit

Z bow will now look like this, it will be a powerful weapon (On par or even stronger than ccb), it will not require any arrows for spec or itself:



If player is in clan wars the non attack-able timers and d spear timers do not work. (Should fix that ugly bug) Trapdoors have now been fixed.

Turmoil was oped, it has been powered down a little bit.

11th October 2012 Edit

Mastering npc's will only help in PvM not PvP:


Pouch on monster requires certain hunter and summoning depending on how strong monster is:


Up to 4 slots for normal players but 8 coming soon:


Monster healing: 



Any monster under 240 combat can be captured.

Turmoil has been powered up again.
Magic has been made more accurate now.
Zuriels and abs will not be overpowered anymore
When you kill a person there is a 15 second delay for attackers to attack you and 35 second to spear you
Delays such as tb wear off when you leave wild.
Vault has been fixed for sure now
Dung bugs have been fixed too
Mining gives 5x more exp
Attacking summoning npcs has been fixed too (it was wrong before).
Ranging rune knives is weaker now.
Comp cape is +8 str
All macbans and mac mutes where reset.
Whip disables 50 hits of ely and divine effects instead of 20
Also the bug with the specs where sol spec activates randomly was fixed.
Dragonfire shield is not OPED anymore.

@Castle wars
I want to add castle wars in my free time after 26th October so don't expect me to work on it now.

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