Many players want to go to the Warriors Guild as it is the only place which you can obtain a Dragon Defender.

Getting ThereEdit

To get to the Warrior's Guild, you will need a Combar Bracelet. This can be bought from Giles in the Varrock Armour Shop. Which has all the anvils in it.


File:Giles Shop.png

The Combat Bracelet (4) is being sold at 21,040 coins.

After you've purchased the Combat Bracelet, right-click it and rub it to go to the Warrior's Guild.

Buying Armour SetsEdit

If you do not have a spare Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant or Rune full helmet, platebody and platelegs; go to Horvik after arriving at the Warriors Guild.

File:Horvik's Shop.png

Animation RoomEdit

After arriving at the Warrior's Guild, head towards the Animation room place an Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant or Rune full helmet, platebody and platelegs on the Magical Animator. Note that you will need Warrior Guild Tokens to be able to initiate attack on the Cyclops.

An Animated Armour will then appear from the Magical Animator. Defeat it to retrieve the armours you used and a few tokens.

File:Fighting Aniamated.png

Stats of the different animated armours.
Armour                 Level                Warrior Guild Tokens Dropped
Iron 23 10
Steel 46 15
Black 69 20
Mithril 92 25
Adamant 113 30
Rune 138 35

It is recommended that you fight Mithril Animated Armours if you have a low combat level.


After you've obtained your desired amount of Warrior Guild tokens (300 recommended), head upstairs and fight the Cyclops (level 56) until you have the desired defender you've come here for. Take note that as different players have different drop rates (the harder your game mode, the higher it is), the amount of tokens you have may be too much or too less depending on your luck. It is recommended that you bring a Ring of Wealth when fighting the Cyclops to increase your drop rate. They have 573hp

File:Cyclops fight.png

File:Dragon Defender.png

  • Food is recommended for low-leveled players.

Types of DefendersEdit

Different defenders have different requirements to be able to be wielded.

Defender Attack Defence
Iron 1 1
Steel 5 5
Black 10 10
Mithril 20 20
Adamant 30 30
Rune 40 40
Dragon 60 60


  • The Bronze armour cannot be used in the animation.


  • It is unclear why Bronze cannot be used for animation as it is possible to do so in Runescape.
  • All defenders go in order. from iron to dragon. Leaving the area resets this back to iron.
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